Updates from CTF Philippines – November 22, 2013


1. BOHOL Earthquake: As of last week, the last stock of relief goods (food and non-food) were delivered already to the different affected and underserved towns of Bohol. This was facilitated by Fr. Johnjay and the SECS. We are now waiting to engage in the recovery phase intervention. Frs. Johnjay and Aris left Bohol immediately and went to Samar and Leyte to help organize the CTF intervention program in the response phase.

2. SAMAR & LEYTE: Super Typhoon Haiyan

As of today, major roads, ports and airports to Samar and Leyte from the major Samar 1hubs of Cebu, Manila and Mindanao are now opened. Relief goods are now entering the areas. Communication via mobile phones and internet are slowly progressing. However, electricity is expected to be restored after three months. Urgent needs: food, water, medicines and hygiene packs.

2.1. Immediate relief goods distribution operation (RDO) were conducted in the barangays of Basey, Western Samar. Two waves of RDO were accomplished as of today. During the RDO, a rapid assessment of needs (RNA) were simultaneously conducted. This was spearheaded by the St. Camillus Hospital of Calbayog City.

2.2. Networks: Several networks (INGOs, NGOs & FBOs) were established by the CTF. Some of them have provided medicines (UNILAB), food and non food (ABS CBN, Lay collaborators, Camillians), transportation, links with special services and technical assistance groups, personnel (medical and psychosocial) coming from physicians’ organizations and teachers from primary and secondary schools, Camillian sisters, Daughters’ of St Camillus (supply of fuel).

PHILIPINES-WEATHER-TYPHOON2.3 St. Camillus Hospital is one of the frontline health services that delivers medical assistance to survivors of Samar and Leyte. Last week, admission to hospital was almost full. However, the generator set has bogged down three days ago and we were forced to refer patients to other hospitals in other provinces but far from Samar and Leyte. There are 4 hospitals in Calbayog and only 1 is full functioning but a small one since all other have the same problems. The Department of HEalth has lent a genset and will be delivered tomorrow, meanwhile, the Provincial council has decided to purchase a new one and it will be available hopefully in 15 days. We are still soliciting money for this.

2.4 Medical & Psychosocial missions will commence on Saturday (Nov 23) in 4 barangays of Basey targetting around 1.500 families. It will be a whole day affair with the fiollowing activities: medical clinic, stress debriefing, holy eucharist, feeding (lunch for all = 3.000 pax), and distribution of goods. The CTF has organized 3 packs of goods, food pack, hygiene pack and kitchen pack. This will last for a month or two until the survivors recovered. A team of 60 personnel will join this mission.

Basey 12.5 Financial: international and national donors are coming in.

2.6 Volunteers: There is an influx of volunteers in Manila and Calbayog.

2.7 An initial meeting with Caritas Italiana Asia rep (Gianluca) with Fr Aris took place yesterday at Intramuros. There was a sharing of assessment data in the provinces of Samar and Leyte, CTF program and future plans for Basey, W. Samar, cultural and social backgrounds. In December preferably first week, a meeting is scheduled tentatively with Fabrizio, Marco, Paolo B., etc. to discuss the CTF rehab plan.

2.8 Anita Ennis, a lay Camillian family member of Ireland will be coming here next week for a month assistance.

2.9 Initial contact with the Italian embassy to the Philippines has been facilitated by Fr Locci. The embassy assured us of getting the goods delivered already in the port of Cebu. CTF presentation of plans will be done as soon as the appointment of the officer in charge will be confirmed. It could be also a good opportunity for woring with them in the future for a long term relationship.

The CTF intervention in Samar and Leyte is primarily mobilized by the entire Philippine province with no less than Fr. Rolly Fernandez coordinating our efforts in Manila and all other Camillian religious. Coordination is led by Fr John Jay on the ground and Fr. Renato Maliwat.

Fr Aris Miranda, MI