The Training Manual for the Lay Camillian Family

logo_famiglia_camilliana_laicaThe Second Training Manual for the Lay Camillian Family is in preparation and the central committee of the association has decided to offer it online. It is a collection of short essays, entrusted to different authors, in which each author deals with a specific sector of ‘pastoral care in health’, starting with their own experience and competence, with the aim of offering observations to be developed and applied according to the concrete possibilities of our groups wherever they live and work.

The first essay, entitled ‘Con cuore di madre’ (‘With the Heart of a Mother’), addresses one of the most difficult moments of pastoral care for the sick: accompanying the dying.

The essay, ‘Il laico e l’incarnazione del carisma di san Camillo nel mondo d’oggi’, presents the spiritual pathway proposed by the LCF in the footsteps of our Founder saint, Camillus de Lellis.

The third essay, ‘La carità nelle relazioni’ (or ‘relational’ charity), is an analysis of theological-spiritual accompanying in human relationships.

The fourth essay, entitled ‘La ‘famiglia camilliana’ dei malati in ospedale’ (‘The ‘Camillian Family’ of the Sick in Hospitals’, addresses pastoral care in hospitals from both  a theological point of view and with reference to daily practice.

The fifth essay, ‘Nascere dall’alto, da acqua e Spirito’, offers an analysis of a theological character of how to be always ‘new’ disciples of Jesus Christ.

Lastly, the sixth essay, ‘Volontariato, gratuità, umiltà’, presents the various (social, behavioural and spiritual) aspects of the figure of the volunteer.