The anniversary of the birth of St. Camillus in the media

The celebrations of 25 May – the anniversary of the birth of St. Camillus – will have a suitable resonance in the national and local media.

Attention will be paid to this event by, amongst others, the programme ‘Sulla via di Damasco”’ which will be broadcast on Rai2, programmes and news broadcasts on Tv2000, Telepace, Telepadre Pio, Radio Vatican, Radio Maria and Radio Inblu, and articles in the daily newspaper Avvenire and the weeklies Famiglia Cristiana, Credere and A sua Immagine.

You can follow on our internet site and our Facebook and Twitter profiles the planned appointments, remembering, however, that there could be some changes because of the visit of Pope Francis to the Holy Land which is envisaged for next weekend.