Meeting of the Central Commission of the LCF (CC LCF). Rome 20-22 September 2017.

Part 1

Following the agreement of the CCLCF, a subcommitte was formed to progress the Second Formation Manual. The sub committe members are Marie-Christine Brocherieux (CCLCF President ), Anita Ennis (CCLCF Vice President), Rosabianca Carpene (former President CCLCF),Fr Laurent Zoungrana (General Consulta and Spiritual Assistant CCLCF)

The subcommitte met from 20 to 22 September at the Maddalena in Rome. The objective for this meeting was to choose Presentations prepared by a number of different authors in contact with the previous Central Commission for the second training manual and to publish them on the Camillian Order website ( under the heading ‘The Lay Camillian Family’

We looked at the content of the Presentations and for a central message that linked them together. We looked at the translations in different languages and worked on correcting and completing some of them.

It was agreed that Presentations translated in other languages where corrections are complete, would be published on the website. The remaining Presentations and translations will be added once completed.

Chapters to be published on the website are:


  1. Born Again from Above, from water and Spirit
  2. The Relational Charity
  3. The Lay person and the Charism of St Camillus
  4. Voluntary service, Gratuitousness, Humility
  5. With the Heart of a Mother
  6. The Sacraments of Healing
  7. The Works of Mercy
  8. Counselling

Part 2

Meeting with Father Leo Pessini General Superior 20 September 2017 

Fr Leo met with the subcommitte to discuss and confirm the General Consulta’s proposal for an Assembly of International Lay Camillian Family (Presidents and Spiritual Assistants) in Rome in October 2018. This Assembly has the support of the General Consulta, Provincial Superiors, Vice-Provincial Superiors and Delegates and of the Central Commission for LCF’s.

It is hoped that the Assembly will be a forum for sharing the reality of living as a Lay Camillian Family in today’s world. It will also provide members with the opportunity to give witness to the personal impact of what it means to be part of Lay Camillian Family Ministry.

Dates: 14-19 October 2018 (arrival on the 13th – departure on the 19th)

Location: Rome.

Venue : To be confirmed.

Conference Theme and Agenda: To be confirmed.