Luciano Onder Comments on the First ‘Camillian Day of the Heart’

The first ‘Camillian Day of the Heart’, which will take place throughout Italy on 16 April next, has acquired a commentator of exceptional value: Luciano Onder, the Vice-Director of Tg2 as well as the presenter of onder 2the programme ‘Medicina 3’, one of the most watched programmes of the RAI.

For more than thirty years Onder has been active in medical-scientific broadcasts on television, giving viewers an opportunity, thanks to a simple and clear language, to understand subjects that are not always easy.

Onder took his degree in 1965 with Prof. Renzo De Felice and began his career teaching at Sapienza University where he developed his incisive and rigorous style. He then joined the RAI in 1966 to produce, together with Sergio Zavoli, the series of programmes entitled ‘The Birth of a Dictatorship’, once again an initiative dealing with historical subjects.

In 1981 there took place the turning point that would mark his work for ever: he began to deal with medicine, a subject that he would never abandon and which made him one of the most famous specialists of the field. Since then, without halts, Onder has been the presenter of the famous television programme ‘Medicina33’ which is broadcast from Monday to Thursday at 13.55. With a very large audience share, in 2012, on the basis of a survey on ‘the quality of television products’ carried out by the RAI, this programme was discovered to be the one most appreciated by television viewers.

In addition, at the end of March Onder received a laurea honoris causa in medicine and surgery from the University of Parma. ‘The correct and rigorous medical information provided for more than thirty years by Onder’, read the citation, ‘has enormously contributed to the dissemination of medical-scientific information in general, thereby managing to draw public opinion and ordinary people close to subjects and issues that are of great importance and of a strong social impact’.

The presence of Luciano Onder as a commentator on the first ‘Camillian Day of the Heart’ will help to make this initiative both prestigious and authoritative, and is a cause of great joy for the Order of the Camillians – which this year is celebrating the fourth centenary of the death of St. Camillus – and for all those people who, with passion and commitment, are contributing to its celebration.

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