Fr. Bernard Kinvi of the Vice-Province of Benin-Togo has been Awarded a Prize by Human Rights Watch


Fr. Bernard Kinvi

With great joy we share in the satisfaction of Fr. Bernard Kinvi, a Camillian religious of the Vice-Province of Benin-Togo, who has been awarded a prestigious prize by Human Rights Watch for protecting and providing care to Muslims within the framework of the Camillian mission of Bossemptélé in the north-east of the Central African republic, 300km from its capital city, Bangui.

May his witness to engagement be a spur for Camillians and for everyone to engage in even greater commitment to service to frail men and women who are in need!

We here refer to certain prestigious newspapers and agencies that have reported the award of this prize. You can follow the event in the Italian and international Press Information that we here offer you.





















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