FCL – The Covid situation in Peru

From the news we have been able to know how strong the pandemic has been, in one country more than another. At the moment it seems that here in Peru we are better off, however, we fear a second wave as it is happening in Europe. That’s why we take care of ourselves and continue in confinement, even more so vulnerable people, as we are the majority of LCFs older adults and some are well older

Since the beginning of the pandemic, our fragility, weakness and vulnerability have been highlighted; but it also affected us to feel that we had “been cut off by the wings”, we could no longer reach the sick and suffering. It was really a grieving process. We find refuge in the Lord and in our Camillian community. Via WhatsApp we accompany, encourage, comfort, strengthen our communion, spirituality and our life of prayer, true strength and comfort.

From June the Cefosa began to teach some online courses, which was also a significant support, in addition to strengthening our training with a view to providing a more suitable service to these times to our sick and suffering brothers to the extent that we can do so, first online or by telephone and then we will do so in ‘presential’

But the pain also touched us directly: in this period of pandemic two sisters of ours died with Covid-19 and four for other causes; it also happened with some of our relatives. Solidarity, affection, prayers and all the benefits of our faith accompanied these sisters, their families and ourselves.

In reference to our activities, we have commemorated the “LCF Day of Perú” (August 15) at a Zoom meeting and a virtual Mass. Also, in place of the “National Meeting” that would have taken place in mid-October with 2 days of spiritual retreat and the Ordinary General Assembly with Election of new Presidency Council, we have held a Zoom meeting with the company of our Spiritual Assistant, Fr. Mateo Bautista. This reported the postponement of the Council Elections until 2021, when it allowed us to hold a face-to-face assembly. In addition, we have restarted our monthly online training meetings.

May the Lord continue to care for and protect you and fill you with blessings.