FCL – Message for the Feast of San Camillo


Rome, July 14th, 2017,

Dear members of the Lay Camillian Family,

It is with joy and devotion that we will celebrate on July 14th, 2017 the day of St. Camillus.

The Central Commission of the LCF is happy to wish you a joyful celebration of St. Camillus.

St Camillus is mostly a figure or a saint to celebrate but he is to imitate and follow in his generous service towards the sufferings, in his tireless devotion to his mission and in his fraternal and christian love for the sick.

Surely St. Camillus is a ‘Giant of Charity’ but he is because he knew how to imitate and follow Christ, who traced the way for all of us. Thus, by imitating and following St. Camillus, we must never loose sight of his model, Jesus the Good Samaritan, who supported our sicknesses, our sufferings and miseries (Lk10,25-37; Mt8,17), « He went everywhere, doing good and healing » (Act10,38). Throughout his life and his actions, St. Camillus tells us that it is possible to follow and imitate Christ.

May the graces of the feast of St. Camillus, imbue us with the perfume of the samaritan charity so that we leave in the places of suffering and sickness the fragrance of good, the well done one.

Happy celebration of St. Camillus.

Fr. Laurent with Marie-Christine, Anita, Maria, Giosuè