An Easter of Solidarity: Your 5/1000 for ‘Health and Development’, the NGO of the Camillians

It is Easter, the feast of grace and resurrection: what better opportunity to engage in a concrete gesture of solidarity in a simple way and at no cost?

SALUTE E SVILUPPOLittle is needed to do this: you can allocate 5/1000 of your taxes to the NGO ‘Health and Development’ which for more than ten years has been at the side of the Order of the Camillians in their activities all over the world.

‘Health and Development’ is a non-governmental organisation which works in over forty countries in the world, trying to meet the primary needs of local populations and achieving their economic self-reliance.

As its president, Father Efisio Locci, explains: ‘Health and Development engages in programmes with a specific goal in the field of international cooperation in order to improve the health-care conditions of the populations of the South of the world and to contribute to local self-reliance. Amongst the activities that it has set in motion one may point to the building of hospitals, of schools and of aqueducts, and more in general works for economic growth, such as agricultural and livestock farms for food production.  And then the provision of vaccines, support for women who have been the victims of violence and the prevention of the principal diseases that still kill people in developing countries’.

‘Health and Development’ can be helped through donations in money that are tax deductable, bequests of personal and real property, donations of various kinds and above all through the 5/1000 (on income tax declarations) which does not cost anything and is not an alternative to the 8/1000.

The tax number that should be written on the CUD, UNI and 730 tax forms is: 97570320016.

With a small gesture, thanks to you, one can really do a great deal!

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