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Amongst the Works of Mercy that we have learnt from the Catechism there is also ‘admonishing sinners’, a phrase that is perhaps not very happy because it seems to assume that a Christian who is not a sinner should admonish

Francesco Zambotti, Soffio di luce, Gribaudi, 2016 Poesia o preghiera? L’incontro con le parole e le immagini di questo bel libro suscita questa domanda, che ben presto si scioglie in una consolante scoperta: non dobbiamo ricorrere a generi letterari o

I would like to begin my comments on this second ‘work of spiritual mercy’ with a fine thought of St. Rabano  Mauro, the Benedictine Abbot of Fulda and a great Archbishop of Magonza: ‘Those who lead back the errant to