16 April the First Edition of ‘The Camillian Day of the Heart’

foto interna articoloFree cardiology examinations for the whole of the day of Wednesday 16 April in certain hospitals and nursing homes in Italy and at the generalate house of the Camillians. This is ‘The Camillian Day of the Heart’ which is dedicated to sensitisation and prevention as regards cardiovascular  illnesses: an initiative that seeks to make St. Camillus, and his message of charity towards the least, known about in Italy while we celebrate the fourth centenary of his going to heaven.

More heart in those hands! said St. Camillus, who recommended that the sick be cared for in the same way as a mother looks after her children. In this sense, the offer of free cardiology examinations can also be a good way of stewarding and defending health, something that is even more to be urged during a period of economic crisis when not everyone can easily have medical check-ups.

    ‘The Camillian Day of the Heart’ wants to foster suitable medical consultations in the field of cardiology, not only bringing to light any heart pathologies that may exist but also supplying useful recommendations to prevent such diseases by adopting a correct lifestyle.

     Acireale, Bologna, Casoria, Catania, Cremona, Forte dei Marmi, Milan, Palermo, Rome, Venice: these are the cities that are involved in this initiative. Individual contexts will disseminate the initiative through the mass media, thereby creating a word of mouth system that will reach very many of our brothers and sisters who are in a state of difficulty and/or are homeless, or who, whatever the case, live in situations of poverty and malaise.

During this day in Rome at the generalate house of the Camillians in Piazza della Maddalena 53, from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 16:00 to 20:00, it will be possible to visit the relic of the heart of St. Camillus which is kept in the Cubiculum (the room in which St. Camillus died).

     We are certain that this initiative will receive the blessing of our Founder in heaven who will be happy that his ‘lords and masters’, as he loved to call sick people, are at the centre of our initiatives, our attention and our care.

     From 10 April, on the internet site www.camilliani.org  a complete list will be available of the institutions that are involved, with their respective visiting hours and telephone numbers.

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