The infinite was made finite

natale 2016O ineffable mystery!

God took on the nature of man, He deigned to be born of the Virgin in order to make us share in His divinity (from the Christmas liturgy).
To perform the impossible, the God of the impossible Himself took the first step.
What man could not do in his march towards God, God did in His descent towards man. To ensure that man could enter the family of God, God entered the family of man.
The impassable was passed for the first time from on high to here below in the Incarnation.

What had never happened – that One from on high who knew the things of here below came down amongst us – took place in Jesus.
The invisible made itself visible, the untouchable made itself touchable, in Christ.
History was traversed by a shiver of life because God became its actor: the cosmos became a host because the Word became flesh by a living woman in the cosmos.

God made Himself man, the Word was made son.

Immensity was made limit.

The infinite was made finite.

Unknowing was made knowing.

Omnipotence was made a child.

The immutable was made suffering.

Perfection was covered with sin.

Life penetrated death.

Love was made Resurrection.

Jesus made himself our brother.

What took place is so extraordinary as to make us stunned with surprise: the fact is so unique as to justify all incredulity. And we should not be amazed if many men remain perplexed: we should be amazed by the opposite.
You need the invincible courage of faith to affirm that God made Himself man.
You need the revelation of the Father to believe that Jesus is the Christ of God.
You need all smallness of mind and humility of heart to enter such a mystery. There is no point in talking about it.
Allow men to search, to love, and they will find.

Each one of us has their history; each one of us has to follow their path with patience and tenacity. Sooner or later this history of ours, this path of ours, will meet, will intersect with, the history that Jesus is journeying.
And it is then, and only then, that the moment of choice, of acceptance, of yes or no, comes. However one thing is certain: as long as we do not accept him, as long as we do not bear witness to him as the Son of God, something will be absent in our lives, like a shadow under our suns there will be nostalgia at our dawns, unease during our nights.

This is destined!

And if you have met someone who has found the answer to the mystery of life and found peace in their heart without Jesus, come and tell me because I have not found anyone like that.
As for myself, I began to know God when I accepted Jesus as truth; I found true peace when I looked for his intimacy; above all I knew joy, true joy and joy above all vicissitudes, when I tasted and experienced the gift that he came to give us: eternal life.