Online meeting of Camillian ‘doctors’ to reactivate the “Task Force”

The Secretariat for Missions together with the Camillian Disaster Service International (CADIS) organized an online meeting of Camillian doctors doing services in various provinces of the Order, on February 15, 2024. The objective of this meeting was to rethink and restart the “Task Force” to respond to current global emergencies.

Brother Paul KABORE, the General Councillor for Missions, in his opening address pointed out the importance of this meeting as a sign of interest in revitalizing Camillian charism.

Father Aris Miranda, the director of CADIS, presented the reasons for revitalizing the “Task Force,” highlighting the current context characterized by numerous disasters and wars. He provided statistical data on emergencies in recent years and emphasized the importance of responding to such challenges with a Camillian commitment.

Several participants shared their Task Force experiences, highlighting the need for an interdisciplinary approach and willingness to contribute significantly.

Father Médard, the General Councillor for Ministry, clarified that the new Task Force would be different from that of the 2000s, with members operating in their daily workplaces and intervening only in emergencies.

The proposals included the creation of a Camillian ‘forum’ (online) for managing post-traumatic syndrome, activating collaborations with other organizations and religious congregations, and forming a prepared team.

Father Aris summarized the interventions, emphasizing the importance of continuing to work together and better structuring future meetings. In sum, the meeting highlighted the willingness and commitment of the participants to revitalize the “Camillian Task Force” to address global emergencies with an approach based on the Camillian charism and mission.

Father Wenkouni Mathieu OUEDRAOGO M.I.