Indonesian Delegation welcomes Fr. General and Consultors

In 14 years of presence, the Indonesian Delegation had the joyful opportunity to welcome three Superior Generals.

The first was with Fr. Renato Salvatore on November 15-18, 2012 who arrived on the occasion of the blessing of the first Camillian Seminary in Nita, Maumere. We still remember with great joy his words of encouragement and appreciation: “In a span of three years, he said, the delegation was able to put up its first formation center counting only on its good will, hard work and also on its own financial resources”.

The second visit was the one of Fr. Leo Pessini on November 12-16, 2015. He was also impressed by the positive development of the delegation, especially in the area of formation. “You have done so much in a very short time,” he said at the conclusion of his pastoral visitation.

The third was the recent pastoral visitation of Fr. Pedro Tramontin together with the two Consultors, Frs. Gianfranco Lunardon and Baby Ellickal, on December 7-16, 2023. Certainly, the Superior Generals were eager to see closely the development of the Delegation which, today, can count on four formation communities, Ruteng, Kupang and Maumere, and one pastoral and social community, Misir, Maumere.

Upon their arrival in Bali, on December 8, 2023, they flew to the community in Ruteng to meet the 18 aspirants and their three formators. During their presence, they did the meaningful ceremony of pinning the “red cross” on the chest of the 18 aspirants making them feel that they belong more deeply now to the Camillian Family.

On December 10, they transferred by plane to Kupang, island of Timor where they stayed in the Novitiate House with the 11 novices and their master and assistants. While there, they visited also the construction of the new St. Camillus Pastoral and Social Center in Lasiana, a three-story building that was sponsored by CEI and other generous benefactors.

The last and main part of their visitation (December 12-16) was dedicated to the two communities in Maumere: the Seminary in Nita and Social Center in Misir. Maumere represents the “heart” of the Indonesian Delegation. In fact, here was the beginning of the mission in 2009 and here, today, is where the majority of the Camillian manpower is concentrated with nine perpetually professed, 23 temporary scholastics and 37 postulants in Philosophy. In the four days presence in Maumere, the three visitors were quite busy in meeting personally all of the religious and seminarians. Joys, difficulties, suggestions and recommendations were naturally the matters of their encounters especially with the perpetually religious.

On the morning of the last day, a General Assembly was organized for all the perpetually professed religious at the St. Camillus Social Center. It was an occasion during which Fr. Gianfranco Lunardon offered an interesting reflection about community and spiritual life. Then Fr. Baby, consultor for formation, followed with a sharing about the importance of the initial and permanent formation for our religious. Then, the Father General intervened, proposing wise recommendations for a better dynamic organization of the Delegation, like: need of a permanent Delegation secretary, organizing an archive, keeping the books of religious, of intentions of Masses, of minutes of community meetings, chronicles and financial reports. Lastly, he gave the good news of the official erection of the Novitiate community of Kupang.

In the afternoon of the same day, all the religious gathered at the St. Camillus Seminary in Nita for a group picture. Then a concelebration, presided over by the Father General, concluded officially the pastoral visit. A fraternal supper followed with a “despedida” program during which the superior delegate, Fr. Alfons, expressed words of gratitude to the important visitors for appreciating not only the good work done on formation by the Delegation which, today, can count on almost 100 candidates, but also in supporting and encouraging the missionary spirit of extending a concrete presence in Pakistan and Timor Est. “It is nice,” Fr. Alfons said, “if we can contribute in fulfilling the dream of our founder St. Camillus in spreading, one day, his Institute in all the countries of the world.” “To dream and hope is always possible,” he concluded.

Fr. Luigi Galvani MI