FCL – The Covid situation in Australia

Michael Kukla lLCF Australia

In late 2019, floods occurred in several areas of Australia followed by fires in many areas of Eastern Australia. COVID 19 affected many people in Australia from February 2020. Our Australian Government (federal) and our (six)State Governments as well as two Territtorian Governments each took action to close borders, close regions, close schools, aged care homes, churches, shops, food outlets, offices as well as quarantine people who travelled from overseas or between States/Territories. The COVID death toll is now nearly 200 people – across the country.

Some States and Territories  did better than others. In the State of New South Wales, people from Greater Sydney cannot travel to Victoria or Queensland without agreeing to go into quarantine for 14 days in a hotel.In my local area, hospitals, health facilities and local “hot spots” still test for COVID 19.

Our Lay Camillian Family meets each month via Zoom meetings which includes formation and Rosary. Our churches have reopened but many people watch Mass on television celebrated locally or from overseas. On one occasion, I was able to view Mass in Winconsin(USA) celebrated by Fr Jojo Orsa MI and watch a LCF meeting led by Michelle G (who both came to Rome just two years ago). Some members still work from home and go to their office once a week in the regional city. Our spiritual assistant  (Fr Marcelo) contracted the COVID virus twice and quarantined for 14 days each time-  before going back to hospital work.

I have been able to attend my workplace (nursing home) and be subject to daily temperature checks and wearing masks like another LCF member who works in a group home for disabled adults.

Our LCF will be meeting with our local Camillian Fathers on Monday, 7 December, 2020, for their renewal of vows and a shard Christmas celebration.

Our blessings to you all as we come into Advent and Christmas.

Let me finish by sharing the following prayer (written by a teacher on bus supervision-when masks became compulsory to wear- who noticed how much is lost from our encounters when our faces are hidden):

Lord, may your love and light shine in and through me today

in a way that no mask can hide.

May my eyes dance with laughter and joy,

replacing my hidden smile.

May my actions of care and concern

speak louder than my muffled voice ever could.

And may the generosity of my heart

radiate out through who I am

and how I respond to the world around me,

so that others may not see my mask

but your image shining out,

moving in and through me today. Amen.

St Camillus, Pray for us.