“Es bueno dar gracias” (It’s Good to Give Thanks) with José Carlos Bermejo

The publishing house Mensajero (Comunicación Loyola) has launched a new editorial proposal under the guidance of Brother José Carlos Bermejo, Provincial Superior of the Camillian religious in Spain. “Es bueno dar gracias (It’s Good to Give Thanks): Prayers that Speak Well” is a collection of 150 brief prayers that embrace tenderness and humanization in every word. These powerful prayers are a constant reminder of the importance of recognizing and giving thanks for the small and great gifts of life, in every moment of our lives: at school, in times of illness, with family or in solitude, etc…

Giving thanks to God connects us with the goodness that surrounds us, and these pages reflect that. Each prayer is like a ray of light that illuminates and uplifts, expressing gratitude for the simple and beautiful realities that surround us. Expressing this gratitude not only strengthens our health, but also transforms us into kinder and more humane beings.

This book adds to a series of previous titles on the same editorial proposal, such as “Thank You for Life,” “Good Father, Thank You for Life,” and “The Kindness of Giving Thanks,” all aimed at opening our hearts and allowing us, in our intimacy, to also dialogue with the Good Father. Immerse yourself in these words of gratitude and let them guide you towards a fuller and more conscious life.

Available in bookstores and on humanizar.es.