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The Franciscan family does not have many hierarchical ranks. It is made up of sisters and brothers. Poverty, however, receives a special appellation – it is Our Lady. It is not only a sister like the moon or water. To

Motion 22 of the fifty-fifth Generai Chapter (Ariccia 2007) reads as follows: ‘The General Chapter should draw up guidelines for the Order in order to achieve more effective Camillian assistance’. Following this mandate of the General Chapter, the General Councillor

Taken from La civiltà cattolica, ‘Nicola d’Onofrio. Un religioso studente di oggi’, 17 March 2001, 152, 3618 Some years ago, Divo Barsotti observed that in every social condition – priests and religious, the married and the celibate, nuns and housewives

The goodness of Jesus, the sweetness with which he treated her, must have struck the soul of Mary Magdalene who was so sensitive and thoughtful! She could never forget that majestic and tender face, that very pure and penetrating eye,