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After seventeen days of work, the General Chapter came to an end. After the completion of all the work on the agenda; after the election of the members of the guiding body of the Order; and after drawing up the

A Camillian Pope

A Camillian Pope? Pope Francis seems to have everything in order to claim – or to allow us to attribute to him – this title. This thought came to me when I was reading the text of the homily that

In recent days the dramas of some children with rare illnesses has moved public opinion: Sofia, the three-year old girl from Florence, with metachromatic leukodystrophy; Federico, the boy from Fano aged twenty-six months, with Krabbe’s Disease. In both cases, their

Father Silvio Marinelli, M.I. has sent from Guadalajara (Mexico) two pastoral publications for the World Day of the Sick. While thanking him strongly, we make the material (which is in Spanish) available to readers. El Padre Silvio Marinelli, M. I.

The public meeting that was held on Saturday afternoon on 25 April in Bucchianico, in the Sala dei Banderesi, on Germana Sommaruga a ‘lay Camillian teacher 1914-1995’ surprised those who had come for two reasons: they learnt about Germana Sommaruga

Christine Sunderland, an American writer, will publish in May her fifth novel whose title is The Magdalene Mystery. For this reason she came to have a final look inside our Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Rome so as to