Report of Wayanad Flood Relief Mission

Wayanad is one of the districts of Kerala, India, situated at the north-eastern Ghats of the state. It is comparatively poor district noted for the natural beauty and presence of the aboriginal tribes. Tis monsoon was season of fear and despire for the people of Wayanad as was the case of most of those in Kerala. The state was worst hit by monsoon this year. Wayanad experienced the most
horrorsome face of the season through unexpected flood, land-slides and debris flow.Many have lost their shelters, very many have lost their livelihood, farm,land, investments etc.

The Lord had been so kind with the Camillian Task Force [CTF] to strengthening to help the people out in this disastrous situation. Many hands were joined at CTF to venture into this mission. Medical camps, supply necessary materials like food, clothing, helping the people to resettle in their flood-evacuated houses etc were main focus of CTF. The Catholic diocese of Mananthavady extended a major support in this mission and so CTF ventured into the disaster management task in collaboration with the diocese.