MILOME Newsletter from St. Camillus Dala Kiye September 2022

Dear Friends,

Wherever you may be, European summer is about to end. Usually September is the month for new routines: autumn approaches, children go back to school, start their after school clubs, parents return to their work schedules and everyone is already thinking about the arrival of Christmas.

Here in Dala Kiye this month marks the end of term 2, mock exam tests begin and the start of the last term of the school year; For the children in class 8 it will even be the last term of primary school before they take off for new experiences in life and continuation of their studies. We emphasize everyday the importance of studying here, pushing our children in the center to give their best and enabling them to use to its maximum the opportunity they have been given, especially as in many countries and Kenya itself, studying is a privilege.

This month also marks the ‘International Day of Education under Attack’, as conflicts today are affecting the futures of entire generations of children, who without it will not have the skills necessary to contribute to countries and their economies. Education is a critical step to breaking the cycle of crisis and reduces the likelihood of future conflicts. By reading, playing and learning every day, children develop themselves to become the future citizens of their own countries