Milome – Newsletter from St. Camillus Dala Kiye April – June 2021

Dear friends,
We are glad to present to you our latest edition of “Milome” newsletter for the months of April to June 2021. We start by appreciating God’s protection and mercy because since the pandemic began, we have not had a case of covid-19 at Dala Kiye. We are also glad that the children are going on well with their studies in schools and are strictly adhering to the Ministry of Health protocols to protect them from the corona virus.

Dala Kiye had the pleasure of admitting 6 new orphaned and vulnerable children to the foster houses and we will share with you a short profile of each new child. We send our love and appreciation to all of you while keeping you in our prayers that God may protect and keep you safe.
Fr. Emilio & Fr. John