Message from LCF International General Assembly 1-7 May 2023

Dear Friends,

From the bottom of our hearts and with immense gratitude we say thank you to our Lord and to Saint Camillus for the many blessing received during our International General Assembly at Fraterna Domus, Sacrofano, Italy 1-7 May 2023. The following words of encouragement from Jesus on the cross to St Camillus : “Courage faint hearted one. Continue the work you have begun, for it is my work, not yours”  was the theme chosen to animate this assembly.

We thank Fr General Pedro Tremontin and General Consultors for their presence and their words of encouragement and support during our assembly. During his address, Fr Pedro spoke of the challenges facing the Order and the Lay Camillian Family worldwide. He encouraged us to accept everyone’s help, for if we do this, all together, we can go far. He advised us not wait for others to solve our problems, as to do this would mean we too are part of the problem. Instead put ourselves in the front row to work together with others  and become the solution.

We thank the Provinces, Delegations and Nations of the Order for supporting representatives from their Lay Camillian Families to attend despite the costs incured during these financially challenging times.

We are deeply grateful to all our Spiritual Assistants for accompanying us on our spiritual journey and deepening our Camillian spirituality. We want you to know how much we appreciate your presence and your example of service which is at the heart of  Camillian Charism.

We thank each and every Lay Camillian Family member spread throughout 33 countries for your service  and attention to the sick according to their individual needs  and your  own capacity.  Advancing age was cited as a challenge during many of the Country Presentations. We particularly remember and thank those of you challenged by advancing age for your service. Each of us live our service to the sick according to our own personal circumstances, always remembering we are a branch and we need to remain attached to our strong roots for the small plant to continue to flourish. Your capacity to minister may have changed but we will always benefit from your prayerful support.

Five continents and twenty seven countries were represented at our fourth International  LCF General assembly. We came from diverse cultures and backgrounds but found ourselves united and enriched through a shared common language of love and mercy referred to by Fr Angelo Brusco during his presentation,

Elections for the new Central Commission sought to overcome Eurocentrism and reflect a more global and cultural representation. The new Central Commision is committed to further develop Camillian Lay Identity and mission and build on the existing charismatic sense of belonging that was experienced by all who attended this General Assembly.

The Central Commission is available to be of service to and collaborate with Provincial,Delegational, National and local Lay Camillian Families, Spiritual Assistants, the Order of the Ministers of  the Infirm and other members of the Great Camilllian Family.

Participants at the assembly, including the new Central Commission renewed their commitment to service of the sick at the altar of St Camillus following our closing mass presided over by Vicar General Gianfranco Lunardon in the Church of St Maria Maddalena.

Following the closing Mass, Asembly members, joined also by the Daughters of St Camillus and the Camillian Sisters Ministers of the Infirm  proceeded to the Vatican to join Pope Francis in praying the Regina Caeli. Pope Francis welcomed the International Lay Camillian Family at the end of prayers. Coincidentally Pope Francis has dedicated his May prayer intention to ecclesial movements and lay associations. He encourages us to “always be on the move, responding to the impulse of the Holy Spirit to the challenges in today’s world “ and concludes his message with a prayer that  each group place their charism at the service of the world’s needs .

May the Good Lord, through the intercession of Our Lady Health of the Sick and St Camillus bless our Camillian Family to be evermore faithful in our service to the sick.

Particiants at the International Elective General Assembly 1-7 May 2023