Meeting of the General Consulta with the Provincial and the Councils of Italian Provinces

A meeting of the General Consulta with the Provincial Councils of the three Italian Provinces was held in the community of Maddalena on 28 October 2023. The initiative strongly desired by the Provincial Superiors of Italy is part of the dynamics of the fruitful meeting of the Consulta with the Major Superiors of the Order, in the month of June 2023, during which they reflected together on the strategic plan that the Consulta has prepared for the whole Order. The meeting recorded the presence of everyone except Brother Paul Kabore (Consultor), Brother Luca Perletti (Northern Italy Province) and Fr. Albino Scalfino (Roman Province) for justified reasons.
The various topics on the agenda were addressed in a calm discussion full of collaboration and planning vision in line with the objectives of the Order’s strategic plan for the six-year period 2022-2028. The initiative of this gathering in pure synodal style is positively appreciated by all and the hope is expressed that the path undertaken will continue to be explored in a climate of mutual trust with the religious in the Provinces so that everyone becomes protagonists of the indispensable revitalization process and restructuring of the Provinces of Italy and of the entire Order.